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If you were wondering who we are then you have come to the right page !

David Warther is a carver in a family of carvers dating back to the early 1800's when his great-great-grandfather was a wood carver and cabinet maker in Switzerland. David's grandfather was a wood and ivory carver here in America while David's father was a highly talented knife maker.

By purchasing fossil mammoth and mastadon tusks David continues to work in a legal ivory material. While we purchase uncarved mammoth tusks and tusk sections we do not purchase carved tusks, scrimshaw, jewelry or other worked pieces of mammoth or other ivory. We do purchase pre-act narwhal or narwhale tusks at times.

As an active purchaser of ancient tusks we adhere to the laws of the United States and we do not purchase tusks that were sourced from Federal lands.


David Warther